A brief history

I have not been posting consistently.  And I think I know why now. 

First, a brief history.


I was earning around 22k gross.  I was unhappy with both my skill set and my foreseeable future.  After intense consideration, I started searching around for a graduate program that suits me.  I eventually found one but the tuition is way more than what my family and I could afford.

Just then!

A friend of mine introduced me to Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT).  It was said to be the 5th University in Singapore and all the tuition fees are government subsidised.  I went to do some research and got enrolled in DigiPen Institute of Technology.

I can never forget the day I got into DigiPen.  Squealed the loudest I ever did in the middle of the night waking up my whole family at the same time.  And I **never** squeal.  Well, besides years later after I developed the fear for lizards (I am working on that as I am typing this).


I started DigiPen life.  It was awesome but tedious.  Fun but scary.  Fulfilling but tiring.  I stopped my side hustles 2 semesters in to focus on studying.  I postponed my graduation for a year to get my math minor.  Something that I still wonder (sometimes) if it was worth it.  It was an extra 2,000 SGD and 3 extra modules of my time.  At least I got to experience something new.  And I was already working by then so I guess it wasn’t so bad (?).

2011 – 2013

*DigiPen is a time vortex*


I graduated and got myself a full-time job in a statutory board organisation earning approximately 38k.  I started spending like a typical fresh graduate.  The daily morning breakfast at Mr Bean and tea break at Starbucks became the norm.  Lunch expenses are typically around 10 SGD.  Essentially, with the extra income I have, I started spending more on gadgets and increased my standard of living.  I also got introduced to credit cards and began spending more to hit the minimum to be eligible for cash backs.

I needed to balance things out.

I started looking for side hustles to earn some extra income.  I found many things including surveys, credit card churning and many more.  I thought it would be a good idea to document these ideas down which is how this blog came to existence.  I even joined a writing competition with one of my posts and won. XD.

Then it happened.

During a chat with my childhood friend, I got introduced to stocks and with her help started a trading account with Standard Chartered.  After some random chat with my colleagues to know more about trading I got to know about ETFs and got linked to Shiny Things’ HardwareZone (HWZ) *Official* Shiny Things club – Part 2.

One thing led to another and I find myself on blogs like Mr Money Mustache and Early Retirement Extreme.


Switched jobs, now earning 42k.  I started purchasing some ES3 and A35.  I set aside around 50% of my take-home pay for the rest of 2015.


Switching jobs had me join the hamster wheel.  Busy at work, purchase something to cheer me-self up.  Repeat.

2016 is a year I did not save at all.


The company I am in is having some financial difficulties and couldn’t give us our salary on time.  This is where I noticed I couldn’t make ends meet!  Why do I not have enough money to pay for my credit card bills?!  I am just lucky I at least save a little in 2015.

Tighten my budget and started re-aiming for early retirement.  I also started to buy IWDA.


Currently setting aside around 75% of my take-home pay. — My take-home pay excludes CPF and the amount I give my mother.  Saving money is no longer an issue for me.  Currently, my personal well-being is my priority and I have been striving to be happier and healthier.

Anyways, as can see many things have changed in the past 3 years.  The blog in search of money is no longer a priority to me.  My priorities now are just setting aside enough, be healthy and happy.

Thus, I have decided to forego my unexplainable need to care what the domain name of this blog is and just update post whatever I want.  Anything related to my journey, be it financially related or not.


My net worth chart.  As can see, no savings in 2016, not much income in 2017 and consistent in 2018! 😀

*Note: Image taken from YNAB.  Thinking back, I can credit (or is it de-credit) YNAB for my overspending in 2016.  I guess I just assumed using a budget tracker will miraculously make me save more…

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