The Mission Statement

The mission statement

I first know about mission statements from J.D. Roth’s post on the Financial Independence Reddit.  For some reason, it resonates with me.  So much so that I sent screenshots to my friends the moment I chanced upon it.

Multiple attempts later I realised it is no simple task finding out one’s mission statement. I referenced many mission statements and wrote down many versions but none felt right. It was either too forceful or too blunt. Too narrow or too vague.

I ended up following J.D. Roth’s post and finally got a full mission statement. It wasn’t easy either. I cleared all distractions and wrote the mission statement in the void deck. I think I spent around 2 hours just to get my mission statement right. Even had to touch it up a little after that.

Here’s what I came up with:

My mission statement:

Carefree living, constant learning, periodical traveling, always doing things I enjoy with the people I care about.


Carefree living

Financially stable, no worries about health, family, and friends. Able to do anything I want without worries.

Constant learning

Learning everything I am interested in. This includes going back to school or working in industries I have never worked before.

Periodic travelling

Travel for longer periods (preferably > 1 month) every few months to different locations to soak in the culture.

Always doing things I enjoy with the people I care about.

Life is too short to be doing something I do not enjoy. So either learn to enjoy whatever I do or change what I am doing. Also, I care too much about what people I *don’t* care about think. It is time for me to put my priorities straight and only worry about people I *do* care about.


Write your own mission statement.  It will help you understand what means more to you.

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