After the post I posted a week ago, I thought this would be a good chance for me to re-introduce myself. Not as Ms. Finding Money but as who I really am. You know, put a face to the name. So to speak.

Hi, my name is Jacquelyn and I run this blog. I am born, bred and raised in our tiny, pretty lion city. I have a wonderful girlfriend fiancé who has tolerated me for the past 11 years. In fact, we have just celebrated our anniversary 3 days ago as of writing typing this.

Currently staying with my mother and soon-to-move-out sister in a 4-room HDB. We are middle class (I think?), with my mother semi-retired and both my sister and I working full time.

Working life’s been hard on me lately as I have mentioned in my previous posts. But I am getting better at managing my thoughts. And I strive to get better each day.

I enjoy cooking, playing board games, and nua-ing (laze around). Have an unhealthy love for gadgets and online shopping.

Recently into GAPS (gut healing diet) and ketogenic diet, as well as natural eyesight improvements.

Short-term goals

  • Set up weekly meal plans
  • Eat bulk of the meals at home
  • Change mentality about work
  • Invest consistently

Long-term goals

  • 3-room resale HDB
  • 2-room BTO
  • Month-long trips overseas
  • Semi-retired by 40


  • 2017 (30) – Japan trip for 10th year anniversary
  • 2019 (32) – Marriage certificate
  • 2022 (35) – Apply for resale HDB
  • 2024 (37) – Apply for BTO
  • 2027 (40) – Semi-retired
  • 2032 (45) – Retired

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