New Year’s Resolution 2019.

First off, a big Happy New Year to everyone reading this. And yes, I am going to join the new year’s resolution club!

New year's resolution

At the end of 2017, I have decided not to set any new year’s resolution for 2018 but instead opt for shorter goals. Which I did not document properly, which means I do not have anything to check off at this time of the year. To avoid future disappointment I am going to join the resolution club this year!

I strongly believe in setting a bigger main goal and multiple smaller goals to aid with the main goal. I will likely be revisiting my resolutions in the near future to make sure I am able to hit my main goals as well as to update some goals that are still not clearly thought out.


  • JLPT 5 level.
    • Read and write hiragana and katakana.
    • JLPT 5 kanji.
    • JLPT 5 vocab.
  • Juggle for > 1 minute at a time.
  • Work on a schedule.
    • Mon: Self-study.
    • Tue: Juggling.
    • Wed: Fiance / Video making.
    • Thu: Japanese.
    • Fri: Fiance / Video making.
    • Sat: Board game.
    • Sun: Study.
  • Consistent journaling.
  • Consistent morning routine. — To be updated.


  • 1kg lesser every month. — Note this is an estimate only, getting healthier is still. Might have to switch to fat% counting later this year.
    • 65kg by Feb 2019.
    • 63kg by Apr 2019.
    • 61kg by Jun 2019.
    • 59kg by Aug 2019.
    • 57kg by Oct 2019.
    • 55kg by Dec 2019.
  • Better Eyesight.
    • Bates method.
    • Active focusing.
  • More consistent sleep.
    • At least 7 hours/day.
  • Reduce snacking.


  • Bridge the gap.
  • Communication is key.


  • Invest monthly.
  • Reduce expenditure to 500/mth.


  • Spend time with people that matter.
    • Weekly board games.
    • Occasional hosting of meals.
    • Occational outtings.


  • I am not me.
  • I love myself.

Work / ProJacqs

  • Handle working from home better.
  • Weekly video making. — I will explain this in a separate post.
    • Start posting by end of January.

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