About Me.

Updated introduction here.

I will keep re-introducing myself as I evolve!


Hello, I am Ms. Finding Money from Singapore. At the time of writing, I am a Software Specialist¹ who is looking to find her way into financial independence.

I started my journey in early 2015 and semi-stopped (unknowingly!!) in 2016. I hopped back on track in 2017. But had quite a rocky year financially. It is now 2018 and I am determined to work hard on my journey towards financial independence. My initial journey can be found in ERE.


  • Intend to semi-retire in less than 10 years.
  • No loans at the moment.
  • Hoping for increment.

Short-term Goals:

    • Allocate 80% of take-home pay² to investment every month
    • Cook more, eat home more, save more
  • Sell unnecessary possessions

Long-term Goals:

    • My own HDB
  • Retire by 45

Future Timeline:

2017 (30) – Japan trip for 10th year anniversary
2019 (32) – Marriage certificate
2022 (35) – Apply for resale HDB
2027 (40) – Semi-retired
2032 (45) – Retired

¹ Fancy name for Software Engineer. LOL!

² Take-home pay = Salary – CPF – Mother’s allowance.