Brief update.

I am physically in Johor Bahru as I type this post. Here for a short (around 24 hour) get away with the girlfriend. It’s 5:41 am. Rose early and thought I should just type a brief update since Google AdSense reminded me I have a website that I have been neglecting (oops).


Work’s fine. Managed to get an increment near the beginning of this year, and as usual looking forward to the next increment. Occasionally feeling burnt out, but I attribute it to the fact that I have not been “getting away” (hence the JB trip) as well as the inefficient work that I have to deal with recently. I still enjoy my job, just need to find a balance and not feel burnt out I guess.


Recently went through my mother’s finance and found out she is in an optimal position for retirement. Even more so since both my other sibling and I will be providing her with part of her “income” so to speak. I would need to do more calculations, but for now, I am just searching for places to “park” some of her on hand cash from the (not so recent) CPF withdrawal.


Life’s been awesome. Boring, but awesome. Been cooking a lot more. Especially for my (very picky) girlfriend, who has been making my cooking-life super hard. But nonetheless enjoying all the cooking I have been doing. Recently (less than a week) started trying a low carb diet and have been enjoying it. It is surprisingly easy to find food that I can eat. Though I would have to make some sacrifices. Example saying goodbye to my beloved latte. The keto coffee makes up for it though.


I have “bought into” both Great Eastern’s GE205 and GE270, which I had to move a portion of my emergency funds into (word of caution, not a good thing to do). I have been building up my emergency funds since, for the past few months whilst investing enough to cover not spend too much on the account maintenance fees from Interactive Brokers (IB).

Bought some EIMI recently after the slight dip (not quite low enough when I bought it, but we can’t really time the market, so just close our eyes and DCA in).

Been trying to find out what ratio of Singapore stocks to international stocks I should be holding. The “traditional” Shiny Things’ (Joshua Giersch) method is to maintain a 50:50 ratio between ES3 and IWDA. However, I recently found out about another HardwareZone (HWZ) forum-er, BBCWatcher has a slightly different approach which made sense to me. According to him, we should hold no more than 20% of Singapore stocks during our wealth accumulation period and slowly draw down our international stocks as we age / near retirement. Of course, that is if we intend to retire in Singapore. I am actually lost in what to do at the moment so before I can decide I will set a ratio in between that of Shiny Things (50:50) and BBCWatchers (20:80). I’d likely go with 35:65 for the moment and see how things go.

*Note: I advocate on finding out about your own finances yourself. Do not blindly listen to any single person.

I guess that would be it for the updates. Will attempt to stop neglecting this site. But I make no promises. =X

Live long and prosper everyone!

Ms. Finding Money

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