Financial gurus – who should I listen to?

financial gurusSo, which financial gurus should I listen to?

A word of advice I often give to my friends and family who are not as financially savvy is to read a ton, understand a lot, and then make your own financial decisions. I might be walking too fast or too slow. Heck, my footprints might not even be big enough! It is definitely not beneficial for them to just ‘follow my footsteps’. And with youtube and podcasts being a major form of media financial gurus use in recent years, there is really no excuse not to try to understand more. If reading is not for you, watch. If watching is not for you, listen.

*Note: I always listen to any video and audio clips at 1.5x or 2x speed. It halves the time needed and forces me to concentrate more. There are plenty of financial gurus out there that gives out tons of good advice and I have been covering on some of them in the past few weeks.

Joshua Giersch, A.K.A. Shiny Things from HardwareZone, HWZ

Peter Adeney, A.K.A. Mr Money Mustache

Dave Ramsey – author of The Total Money Make Over

Jacob Lund Fisker from Early Retirement Extreme, ERE

The point is:

Understand your finances. Take responsibility for your wealth.

Personal approach

I intend to achieve financial independence earlier in life with a frugal approach. My idea is to be able to do what I like without worrying about the financial aspects of life. Here’s a break down of the “regimes” I follow.

*Note: Legend as follows:

  • Joshua Giersch: ST
  • Peter Adeney: MMM
  • Dave Ramsey: DR
  • Jacob Lund Fisker: ERE


  • Minimise use of resources [ERE]
  • Give every dollar a job [DR]
  • Track budget [DR]
  • Keep an emergency fund [DR]
  • Use credit cards [MMM]
  • Cook [ERE], [MMM]


Like most Singaporeans, I still stay with my mother but I am intending to:

  • Get a smaller house, preferably a 3 room HDB [ERE]
  • Live close to work and grocery outlet [MMM], [ERE]


  • Buy term [DR], [ST]
  • Good hospital insurance (shield plan) [ST]


I’ve tried different methods of investing but I find Shiny Things’ approach the easiest to understand. Even more so when everything is catered for Singaporeans.

  • Dollar cost average [ST]
  • Do not stock pick or time investment [ST]
  • Do not invest in gold [ST]
  • Use Interactive Brokers for non-local stocks and Standard Chartered for local stocks [ST]
  • Primarily purchasing ES3 and IWDA [ST]


  • Retire early! (earlier) [MMM], [ERE]

As can see my approach is quite versatile, adapting methods taught by many of the financial gurus. I do not strictly abide by any one person and I urge everyone not to as well. Let’s work hard together! Jia you!

Ms. Finding Money

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